Charity 2016 Peduli Anak Foundation

We contributed Rp 430,000,000 for the rehabilitation and care of street children.

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The lives of street children are incredibly harsh and cruel – abandoned and abused, theirs is a vulnerable and fragile existence. On the island of Lombok Peduli Anak, a non-profit organisation has purchased 1.5 hectares of land among rice fields and has built a number of facilities to care for street children. In fighting for the rights of underprivileged youth the foundation has created a variety of programs in education, healthcare, family care and shelter. Three permanent homes have been established for former street children, with a primary school, cooking facilities, Peduli Anak Foundation recreational areas, a clinic and other supporting activities. Currently 80 children are living in residential care, many join the primary school and another 150 children are in the family care program. Peduli Anak employs 60 local staff and works for closely with the Ministry of Education and Social Affairs, PKSA (Kesejahteraan Social anak) and other institutions.

The funds donated are being used under “Child Livelihood Plan” on livelihood costs which include shelter, food, drink, personal hygiene needs, clothing,
allowances, medical care, and other necessary expenses.Access to the internet and laptops are also selectively
provided to contribute to their education.


Our Address

  Jalan Taman Cilandak Raya No. 45
Jakarta Selatan 12430
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