Charity 2016 YMSI

We contributed Rp 100,000,000 for a six month sponsorship package to this foundation.

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“Together we can make the world a better place!” Established 16 February 2009, the Yayasan Musik Sastra Indonesia (YMSI) is committed to improve lives and abilities among Indonesian children through access to education in music, particularly classical (musik sastra).


It is targeted at ages 6 to 11 years where children, with parental permission, but from less privileged backgrounds display a high interest, motivation and talent in music.

The curriculum is focused on local compositions that contribute music that is rich and relevant to Indonesia, a country itself that celebrates diversity and variety in musical flavour. Research shows that classical music Yayasan Musik Sastra Indonesia (YMSI) promotes balanced left and right brain growth and development. YMSI’s dedicated team is focused on overall development, of intelligence, creativity and emotional control, holding the belief that effective education can greatly reduce the level of juvenile crime in society.

Since 2011 the talented musical professional andenthusiast Mesty Ariotedjo has been appointed YMSI Ambassador. She oversees a free musical programme “Children in Harmony” providing financial support, instruments at zero cost and free tuition by experienced teachers/players at Ananda Sukarlan Center, at ITC Fatmawati in South Jakarta.

Children can enjoy learning classic violin playing in ensemble to promote teamwork and togetherness as well as other instruments such as piano, cello,flute and guitar.

Our Address

  Apartemen Tamansari Semanggi, Tower B Unit 10
Jalan Kompleks Polri No. 134
Jakarta 12930
  +62 811 9189 72